The Queen
The Queen
Personal Info:
Real Name: Adriana 'Ana' Soria
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man Vol.2 15
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Spider-Man
Enhanced Abilities: The Queen has enhanced strength and endurance.
Mind Control: The Queen is able to control the motor functions of all humans and insects that occupy the 'insect gene'.
Telekinesis: The Queen is a telekinetic having the ability to hurl objects with her mind or freeze them in midair.
Sonic Scream: The Queen can create a powerful sonic scream that when focused can have destructive results.
At the time of world war two Ana Soria became the first woman to see combat. Originally a member of the women's auxiliary corps, she was drafted into a special unit of the marines to be part of a new super soldier program. Although none of the participants actually knew this, or why they had been selected. Ana a mutant herself, seemed to relish the increasing difficulty of the training, often to the distaste of her male counterparts. This new super soldier program had been devised amid fears of how the US Military might stay the advancement of the Soviets and Japanese as the war drew on. During the program the subjects were taken to the Island of Bikini atoll, lined up and blasted w/ radiation from nuclear weapons in an attempt draw out the latent mutant powers of the subjects. Most of which died, Ana however did not. After the desired results did not surface in due course the program was terminated and Ana found herself in a military asylum outside Miami. During incarceration her mind collapsed from the strain of the events. While in the military she experienced a close relationship with Captain America, and since he could not come to her aid after being imprisoned she felt betrayed. After the war ended Captain America was presumed dead, so they threw away the key to Ana's cell. She escaped in the late 1950's, but by this time the military had forgotten about her. Later they came to understand the extent of Ana's augmented mutant abilities. She became the first mutant able to control a dormant 'insect gene' present in roughly one third of all humans on earth, left over from the point in evolution were man split from the insects. In tapping into this long buried gene, she had become a new subphylum- Homo Insectus. This meant she could now control all insects on the planet and an estimated one third of all mankind.
Recently Ana now calling herself the Queen, reappeared in New York and quickly amassed an army of drones from persons carrying the insect gene. After taking residence in a high rise she