Jamie Braddock
Jamie Braddock
Personal Info:
Real Name: James Braddock Jr.
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: England
First Appearance: Captain Britain Vol.1 8
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Foursaken, Former ally of Sat-Yr-9
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Captain Britain and Excalibur
Reality Manipulation: Jamie sees the world as invisible string constructs, which he can pull to transform reality.
Jamie was the oldest son of James and Elisabeth Braddock. He was nearly 10 years older than his brother Brian and his sister Elisabeth and always felt excluded from the twins, who were very close.
After he grew up, he made his name as a financial genius and was a successful racing car driver as well. Braddock Industries flourished under Jamie and the handsome, successful Jamie was a popular figure. Jamie came to know of his brother's secret identity as Captain Britain and assisted him on several occasions, but in his spare time Jamie started to make illegal bets and his debts piled on. Soon Jamie became involved with various illegal activities to pay for his debts. Starting out with minor crimes, he eventually became involved with robbery, murder and slave trade in Africa. Jamie was kidnapped by Doctor Crocodile, an African scientist/sorcerer who wanted to punish Jamie for his crimes. He made Jamie call his brother Brian, thinking that Brian was involved with Jamie's crimes as well. Crocodile's witch doctor created a hallucination for Brian so that she and Crocodile could observe Brian's reaction to the crimes Jamie had committed. Convinced that Brian was innocent, Crocodile told Brian about Jamie. Brian was shocked and furious; he even tried to kill his brother. Brian left Jamie in the hands of Doctor Crocodile and returned home.
Doctor Crocodile's treatments turned Jamie insane, Jamie now believed that the world around him was just a dream that he was having and his reality-warping powers awoke.