Kid Omega
Kid Omega
Personal Info:
Real Name: Quentin Quire
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: New X-Men Vol.1 122
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Phoenix Corp, Former member of the Omega Gang
Base Of Operations: Westchester County, New York
Grudges: X-Men
Creators: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
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Kid Omega has evolved into a non-corporeal life-form existing as a disembodied consciousness.
Telepathy: Kid Omega is an Omega-level telepath with an array of mental talents, he is able to communicate telepathically over long distances, read the minds of others, cloak himself telepathically, create illusions, and shield his mind against telepathic probes.
Mind Control: Kid Omega is able to control the minds of others, induce paralysis and erase peopleís mindís.
Psychic Blasts: Kid Omega can project psionic force bolts.
Astral Projection: Kid Omega can project his astral form from his body onto astral planes or the physical plane.
Psychic Intelligence: Kid Omega possesses advanced cognitive and mental abilities allowing him to organize and construct his thoughts at accelerated rates, process data at high speeds, construct and formulate his thoughts with vast quantity and quality.
Young Quentin Quire was one of the top students at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, having been inspired by Professor Charles Xavier's dream of human/mutant brotherhood when he was 13 years old. Among his achievements, Quentin created a set of anti-gravity floats to grant mobility to the disembodied brain of his fellow student Martha Johansson. Devastated after learning that he was adopted, Quentin was pushed over the edge following the death of renowned mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation, supposedly at the hands of humans. He began to doubt Xavier's teachings, and developed a more negative and hostile view of the world and of humankind.
Quentin became addicted to the new designer drug "Kick," which increased superhuman mutant powers but also altered the brain's metabolism. Quentin assembled a group of others that shared his beliefs about humans, calling them the Omega Gang, and set about attacking both innocent humans and members of the mutant-harvesting U-Men group alike.