Personal Info:
Real Name: Nakia
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Wakanda
First Appearance:
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Employee of Killmonger
Base Of Operations: Wakanda
Grudges: Black Panther
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Mailce is an adept at hand-to-hand combat, and is at the peak of her physical fitness.
Enhanced Abilities: Malice has enhanced strength, agility and endurance due to a magical ritual.
Jufeiro: Malice’s primary weapon is the toxic herb called Jufeiro, which makes men become obsessive and fall mindlessly in love with her.
Nakia was descended of a gentle fisherman of Q'Noma Valley in the African nation of Wakanda. From an early age, she was groomed, as many girls are, to be one of the "Adored Ones," an order of women known as the Dora Milaje and serving as concomitants or wives-in-training for the king of Wakanda. The order of the Dora Milaje was established to promote harmony between Wakanda's many rival tribal factions. They also perform the role of the king's deadliest bodyguards and most faithful, most trusted servants.
By age 14, Nakia was accepted into the order, and spent the rest of her life growing up in the king's palace, enjoying a childhood most native tribalists could only dream of. During this time, she became increasingly obsessed with her king, the hero known as the Black Panther, fantasizing openly about marrying him. At one point, she even threw herself fifty feet into a shallow pool to get her king's attention. The Panther administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive her, to the young teen's delight.
Although the order entitles the king to complete rights to his concomitants, the current king, the hero known as the Black Panther, has always viewed the order as largely ceremonial and has made no demands of them. Nakia, however, in her irrational love for the Black Panther, and attempted to kill his then-current girlfriend, the American Monica Lynne by throwing her from a plane. Nakia was then dismissed from her duties in disgrace and would thus be forever shamed, shunned by her tribe and by all of Wakanda. In fleeing the palace during a rainstorm, she crashed into an old monastery where she was captured by the Panther's enemy, Achebe.
Achebe brutally tortured Nakia and left her to die. However, another of the Panther's enemies, Killmonger, happened upon her. Killmonger used arcane methods and the mystical Altar of Resurrection to restore Nakia's health, and the process granted her increased strength and flawless accuracy. Killmonger gave Nakia a new name, Malice, after a former protégé of his. He gave her an arsenal of weapons and access to the toxic herb called Jufeiro, which makes men become as obsessive about her as she is about the Black Panther.