Personal Info:
Real Name: Charles L. Delazny, Jr.
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: San Jose, California
First Appearance: Ghost Rider Vol.1 22
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: U.S. West Coast
Grudges: Ghost Rider and Spider-Woman
Gallery: Click
Body Armour: The Enforcer wears a steel mesh bullet proof costume that gives him some protection from physical attacks.
Guns: The Enforcer carries two .45 calibre automatic machine pistols. He sometimes uses special ammo such as, tranquilizer pellets, silver bullets and “pyrogranulate” capsules.
Disintegration: The Enforcer sometimes used a disintegrator ring.
Charles L. Delazny, Jr. was the only son of the head of Delazny Studios, an independently owned back lot and soundstage where movies were once filmed but which is now primarily used for television production. One of Charles L. Delazny, Sr.’s long time associates was Carlson “Cool” Collier, Sr., a former actor who once directed movie westerns and now directs television programs at Delazny Studios. Collier had a son named Carson Jr., who was the same age as Delazny’s son, and the two were schoolmates at Hollywood High School.
Hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps Charles Delazny, Jr. enrolled in the University of Southern California film school, only to become heavily involved in dealing narcotics. Developing criminal contacts, Delazny dropped out of school to pursue a career in crime.
The young Delazny contacted agents of a foreign power who hired him to wreak destruction at the San Diego Navy yards. Using the money he was advanced, the young Delazny hired an elderly scientist named Ignatz Goldman to create a bullet proof costume. Wearing this costume Delazny became the Enforcer.