Personal Info:
Real Name: Buck Chisholm
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Solo Avengers 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Hawkeye
Creators: Tom DeFalco and Mark Bright
Trick Shot possesses no superhuman powers, but is a world-class marksman and expert in archery.
Arrows: Trick Shot utilises a number of specialist arrows including: Circling arrows, Entangling arrows, Flame arrows, Gas arrows, Hypodermic arrows, Razor arrows and Smoke arrows.
Almost nothing has been revealed about the early life of the man who would become known as Trick Shot. His professional career began when he joined a travelling circus as an archer. While with the circus, Trick Shot came to know Clint Barton, the boy who would later become the costumed Avenger called Hawkeye.
Clint had been training with another circus performer called the Swordsman in the art of throwing knives. The Swordsman quickly noticed that Clint's skill with the bow surpassed his talent for throwing knives, and he felt that Clint would be more valuable if trained as an archer. Thus, Clint began training under Trick Shot's tutelage.
Over the next few months, Clint began to show considerable prowess as an archer, while the Swordsman developed a gambling problem that quickly landed him deeply in debt. In an attempt to get the money to pay his debts, the Swordsman robbed the carnival owner and knocked him unconscious. Clint happened upon the Swordsman as he was counting the money and realized what his former mentor had done. The Swordsman attacked Clint and injured him severely; he was about to kill Clint when Trick Shot intervened. After driving the Swordsman away, Trick Shot took Clint home in order to heal him and continue his training.
After several more months of intensive training, Trick Shot decided that Clint Barton was ready to become his partner in an extortion racket. For their first exploit, Trick Shot took Clint to the home of a criminal called Marko, who happened to be the man who loaned money to the Swordsman. Trick Shot killed Marko while trying to get money from him.
As the two archers fled the scene, Clint killed his brother, Barney Barton, who had been working as one of Marko's bodyguards. Dismayed by what he had done, Clint turned on Trick Shot, and the two men fired at one another. Clint was impaled against a tree, where Trick Shot left him after swearing to one day return and kill him.