Grey Gargoyle
Grey Gargoyle
Personal Info:
Real Name: Paul Pierre Duval
Also Known As: Paul St. Pierre, Gravelmir, Mokk, Breaker of Faith
Place Of Birth: Fontainebleu, France
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery Vol.1 #107 (1964) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Grim Reaper, Count Nefaria, Baron Zemo II
Group Affiliation: Formerly Army of Evil, Grim Reaper's Lethal Legion, AIM, Masters of Evil, Worthy, Count Nefaria's Lethal Legion
Base Of Operations: New York City, New York
Grudges: Thor
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Body Transformation: By touching himself with his right-hand, Duval transforms himself into a living statue. He can remain like this indefinitely and he doesn't require food or air. He also gains super human strength and durabilty.
Body Armour: The Grey Gargoyle's stone flesh provides a great deal of protection from physical and energy attacks.
Petrification Touch: The Grey Gargoyle transforms people or objects to stone for 1 hour by touching them with his right hand.
Resistance's: In stone form, the Grey Gargoyle is resistant to Heat, Fire, Cold and Radiation.
Paul Pierre Duval was a young chemist working for a commercial pharmaceutical outfit in Paris when he accidentally spilled a potion contaminated by some unknown organic substance on his right hand. To his dismay, his hand began to turn to stone-like material still capable of movement. Accidentally touching his other hand, he soon learned that he could transform his entire body into the stone-like material, simply by rubbing his hand over the surface of his body. Further, he discovered that any matter he touched also turned to stone, although it was incapable of movement like him-self. Mercenary by nature, Duval decided to exploit his bizarre power for personal gain, and turned to theft.
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