Grim Hunter
Grim Hunter
Personal Info:
Real Name: Vladimir Kravinoff
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Russia
First Appearance: Spider-Man Vol.1 47
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Spider-Man
Gallery: Click
The Grim Hunter is an expert fighter skilled in many forms of martial arts. He is a trained hunter and is skilled in the use of all the weapons he uses.
Enhanced Abilities: The Grim Hunter has had his strength, agility and endurance enhanced by his fatherís serum.
Enhanced Senses: The Grim Hunterís senses of sight, smell, and hearing have all been enhanced by his fatherís serum.
Longevity: The Grim Hunterís aging process has been dramatically slowed by his fatherís serum.
Weapons: The Grim Hunter typically carries a broad away of weapons including gauntlets that fired powerful electrical shocks, dart launchers mounted on his wrists, and a spear that can project powerful energy blasts. Vladimir also uses more conventional weapons at times including firearms, a tonfa, a blowgun, and a knife that had been in his family for generations.
Vladimir Kravinoff was a son of Sergei Kravinoff, the infamous adversary of Spider-Man known as Kraven the Hunter. Unlike his illegitimate half-brother Alyosha Kravinoff who was raised in shame in Africa, Vladimir grew up in Russia benefiting from his father's wealth and luxuries. However, their father often neglected both sons while he pursued his various international quarries. Unaware of his siblings, Vladimir was raised by Sergei's servant, Gregor, who acted as a surrogate father teaching him Sergei's hunting techniques. When Vlad was still a boy, Sergei put his son through a rite of passage in the world of Maine, hunting Vladimir while disguised as the fabled "Grim Hunter". Impressed by his son's abilities learned under Gregor, Sergei began to train Vlad personally.
Vladimir Kravinoff took up the name "The Grim Hunter" and decided to hunt down Spider-Man and several of his foes.