X the Marvel
X the Marvel
Personal Info:
Real Name: Willie Dance
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Power Man Vol.1 27
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Power Man
Creators: Bill Mantlo and George Perez
Gallery: Click
X the Marvel is a highly skilled wrestler.
Enhanced Abilities: X the Marvel has peak super human strength, agility and endurance.
Dance was a champion of wrestling. He fought the best wrestlers, such as Mole, Monocle, and Weasel, but a clot of blood in his brain made him dull and obliged him to abandon the professional career. Bernie Steinsinger, his manager and probably his only friend, took care of him.
Months after his retirement, he was training in a wrestling-school, and involuntarily broke down the wall between the wrestling-school and Luke Cage's office. Angered by his own problems, Luke started a fight with Willie. Willie responded with an "ape move," but Luke was beating him when they were interrupted by Bernie Steinsinger. Bernie promised to pay for the damages and went away with Willie.
Later, Willie, angered by the laughs of his "colleagues" about him, decided to do a "return" as X the Marvel; he bickered with Bernie and sent him away. In his wardrobe Willie found a cylinder that was hidden there by Bruno Murphy while he was running away from the police. The Box contained the Super-Soldier serum, synthesized by Dr. Klemph, and stolen by Murphy. Neither Bruno nor Willie knew what was in the box. Willie, thinking it was a milky energetic drink, drank the serum and... changed. All the fat disappeared and the muscles grew, though his mind remained as slow as ever. Adopting the name X the Marvel he set out to gain revenge on Luke Cage.