Master Pandemonium
Master Pandemonium
Personal Info:
Real Name: Martin Preston
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Rutland, Vermont
First Appearance: West Coast Avengers Vol.2 #4 (1986) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Azmodeus
Group Affiliation: Hellfire Academy; formerly Mephisto
Base Of Operations: Cresskill, New Jersey
Grudges: Avengers
Creators: Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom
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Demonic Limbs: At will, Master Pandemonium can detach his arms and legs, which are actually demons. These demons can fly and have claws. They are under Master Pandemoniumís complete control.
Demon-Horde: Master Pandemonium can summon demons through the star-shaped hole in his chest. They have the same powers as his limbs.
Magic: Master Pandemonium has knowledge of arcane demon lore and can perform certain rites of magic. He can expel mystic flames from his mouth, project rays of magical concussive force from his hands, levitate, and perhaps other supernatural abilities as yet unrevealed.
Amulet of Azmodeus: Master Pandemonium formerly held the Amulet of Azmodeus, which allowed him to perform inter-dimensional teleportation. The Amulet also released Azmodeus, his avian familiar.
Familiar-Azmodeus: Pandemonium also commands (or perhaps is overseen by) Azmodeus, a demon in the shape of a human-sized red eagle. Azmodeus can be called forth from Pandemonium's pendant around his neck, and acts as reconnaissance and support (literally, in the case of separating all his limbs.)
Martin Preston was a rich and successful Hollywood actor who ran his car off a cliff while drinking and driving one night. Preston lost his right arm in the fall and was hanging upside down by his seat belt when the demon Mephisto appeared in answer to his screams of agony. Preston offered Mephisto his soul in exchange for having his arm restored to him. Mephisto, agreeing, summoned a lesser demon, wrenching of itís arm, and magically attached it to Prestonís shoulder stump. Preston lost consciousness in the process and was insensate when Mephisto severed his uninjured left arm and replaced it with a demon-arm, as well. When Preston awoke, he found a star shaped hole in his stomach. Mephisto appeared and told him that he had broken the actorís soul into five pieces and scattered it across reality. Each part of his soul would fill a place in the star hole. Adopting the name Master Pandemonium Preston began his search for the five parts of his soul that would eventually lead him into conflict with earthís heroes.
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