The Pursuer
The Pursuer
Personal Info:
Real Name: Inapplicable
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Hala
First Appearance: Inhumans Vol.1 11
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Kree Empire
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Inhumans
Creators: Doug Moench and Keith Pollard
The Pursuer is a template that could be beamed across intergalactic distances, and could transform available materials into a form sufficient to suit its needs. It can do this with inorganic materials, such as stone or metal, or by transforming living creatures.
Enhanced Abilities: The Pursuer has super human strength, agility and endurance.
Body Armour: The Pursuer wears a suit of body armour that offers some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Senses: The Pursuer can sense the genetic structures of the Inhumans in order to track them.
Sceptre: The Pursuer utilises a sceptre with which it can animate and control inanimate matter, forming tentacle-like appendages out of metal, concrete, or anything else to strike or bind its foes. It can rearrange matter, transforming small regions of air into glass or other materials. The sceptre can also fire energy bursts.
Flight: The Pursuer can fly via the jets on his feet.
The Pursuer was created by the top echelon Kree computer geneticists, led by Korath-Thak. It was designed to defeat and capture the Inhuman Royal Family, and return them to Hala, to serve the Kree as warrior slaves. The Pursuer template was beamed to Earth, and intended to transform available materials into a form with which it could accomplish its goals. Its path could not be controlled, but it was hoped that it would strike metal or stone. Instead, it hit a cockroach. Undaunted, the Pursuer tracked down the Inhuman Royal Family and attacked them in Manhattan.