Personal Info:
Real Name: Christopher Colchiss
Also Known As: Johnny Storm
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Dark Reign: Young Avengers Vol.1 #1 (2009) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: The Mandarin, Sabretooth, Black Knight, Coat of Arms, Egghead, Excavator, Executioner, Enchantress, Big Zero
Group Affiliation: Exiles, Formerly Masters of Evil, Young Masters
Base Of Operations: Pit of Exile, Krakoa, Pacific Ocean
Grudges: Young Avengers and Iron Man
Creators: Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks
Molecular Acceleration: Melter can mentally agitate the molecules in solid matter so that it loses cohesion, thereby melting the object(s) in question. He has not been shown to be able to produce actual fire. He has melted bullets while they are in the air, and can even melt people.
Christopher, or more often Chris, had a good up bringing until he discovered his mutant powers that enabled him to destabilise molecules and effectively melt any solid object with a thought. At a young age, he accidentally killed his parents with his powers and this experience scarred him and led to him being hesitant to use his powers in later life.
Despite this, years later, he was recruited by Coat of Arms to join and lead a new team of Young Avengers.
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