Personal Info:
Real Name: Phillip Sterns
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Boise, Idaho
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk Vol.1 364
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Hulk
Madman is a mad genius who has shown himself to be capable of inventing deadly toxins and tampering with highly advanced technology to suit his needs.
Enhanced Abilities: Madman has upper level super human strength and endurance on par with the Hulk.
Size Manipulation: Madman can change his size at will and at his maximum size, he is nearly twice as strong as the Hulk. However, Madman can only last that way for a few seconds.
Shapeshifting: Madman is a shape shifter allowing him to alter his form into anyone he chooses.
Phillip Sterns was fascinated by the intelligence of Bruce Banner and wanted to follow in his footsteps as a nuclear physicist. Although the smarter one in his family, Sterns could not compete with Banner's brain even though he attended the same graduate school. He completed his courses near the bottom of his class, but no matter what job he managed to secure, Sterns always kept track of Banner's exploits. Phillip even believed that Bruce had stolen his idea of using gamma radiation as a weapon. He knew of Banner's accident that turned him into the Hulk, and he believed the power should have been his. Sterns spent years trying to duplicate the process to obtain the powers of the Hulk, and he eventually succeeded, but the creature he unleashed proved to be Phillip's undoing.
Madman to Phillip is much like Hulk is to Bruce. A separate personality that wants control, only Madman is much smarter and more aggressive than his alter-ego. It is very easy for Madman to manipulate Sterns into doing his bidding for him.