Personal Info:
Real Name: Esteban Corazón de Ablo
Also Known As: Esteban Diablo, Dr. Diablo, Al Bidd
Place Of Birth: Saragossa, Spain
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 #30 (1964) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Primary Elementals, Dragon Man, Gilded Lily
Group Affiliation: Masters of Evil, Leader of the Primary Elementals and of Dragon Man; former ally and mentor of Guilded Lily
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: The Fantatstic Four
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
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Alchemy: Diablo's powers stem entirely from the huge arsenal of alchemical potions and pellets that he has discovered or concocted. His entire costume is lined with hidden pockets and pouches where he keeps his array of alchemical weapons. The diversity and extent of the effects of his alchemy at times seem magical in nature. Diablo's alchemy enables him to control or influence the molecules and elements in his own body, the bodies of others, or the environment itself.
Among the effect of his alchemy Diablo has caused paralysis, transmuted the chemical nature of objects, produced fire, water, air and earth elementals, explosives, mind control and matter animation.
Although the scope of Diablo's alchemical wizardry is wide, all of the feats are temporary in nature, lasting no more than several hours without repeated administrations. The only exceptions are the potion he used on Dragon Man to grant the robot rudimentary sentience, and his own longevity elixir, whose length of effectiveness is as yet unknown.
Immortality: Diablo possesses a potion that he drinks once a year that maintains his appearance and health of a 30 year old man.
Esteban Corazón de Ablo was born the son of a nobleman in Spain during late 9th century (or 19th century upon some). A curious, inventive and insatiable young lad, Esteban was fascinated when researching the ancient science of alchemy.
When his father died, Esteban managed his state to get funds and travel through Europe looking for documents and artefacts about alchemy, and for potions and herbs he intended to use to perform experiments. In ten years, De Ablo became the greatest living authority in alchemy in the world, having discovered, re-discovered or invented countless potions with strange properties.
Arrogant and cunning, De Ablo began to use his knowledge for personal profit. Eventually, he became too powerful and the Order of Deacons banished him from Spain.
De Ablo travelled to Transylvania to continue his researches. He decided to settle there and build a permanent laboratory. He bought a specious castle (upon some historians in suspicious circumstances) and began working. De Ablo was worried because most of his potions had a transitory effect, although no secondary effects.
Apparently, De Ablo sold his own soul to the demon Mephisto in exchange for the secret of eternal life. De Ablo thus eventually discovered an elixir that could hamper aging. He drank it and slowly became mad. Calling himself Diablo (a clear perturbation of his surname, and also a Spanish word meaning "devil"), he began a reign of terror on Transylvania and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the peasants eventually rebelled, took him by surprise and buried him in a massive crypt. Fortunately, he could access his long-life serum.
Another century later, the Fantastic Four appeared in Transylvania on a vacation. A local, Baron Hugo, told them the legend of Diablo. That night, Diablo whispered to the Thing to awake and free him from his prison by pulling out the stone plug on his crypt and smashing the stone slab that covered him.
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