Personal Info:
Real Name: Hashi Noto
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Japan
First Appearance: Avengers West Coast Vol.1 82
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Deathweb
Base Of Operations: Silicon Valley, California
Grudges: Spider-Woman and the West Coast Avengers
Creators: Roy & Dann Thomas, David Ross, and Tim Dzon
Body Armour: Antro wears a suit of body armour that gives him some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Teleportation: Antro can teleport himself and others. He can teleport groups of people at a time, and make jumps over large or small distances, generally with rapid frequency, though he can be exhausted by overusing his power.
Venom Blasts: Antro can fire various types of venom blasts (usually an acid spray) from his "mandibles."
Val Cooper, acting head of the Commission, organized a top scientific team--Dr. Carter Napier, Dr. Sylvie Yacqua, Hashi Noto-- to try to create a new breed of super-heroes that would serve the government. Based on Yacqua's recommendation of the drugs found in the plants in the Amazon jungle, Yacqua and Noto were dispatched there, led by the guides, Walter & Elizabeth Cornwall, they gathered a number of chemicals designed to give a subject spider-like powers. Seeking a physically fit and loyal test subject, Cooper recommended Julia Carpenter, an old college associate of hers, as well as the daughter of the Cornwalls. Cooper convinced Carpenter to come work for her, and the scientists transformed her into Spider-Woman.
After Spider-Woman left the government service, the Manipulator secretly met with Yacqua, Noto, and the maintenance man, Theo, convincing them to take spider-serum variants, transforming them into Arachne, Antro, and Therak, respectively.