Machine Man
Machine Man
Personal Info:
Real Name: X-51
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Broadhurst Center for the Advancement of Mechanized Research, Central City, California
First Appearance: Machine Man Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of Avengers, Avengers West Coast and Heavy Metal
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: None
Telescopic Limbs: Machine Man's most notable ability is his extendable hands and legs.
Flight: Built in Anti-Gravity generators allow Machine Man to fly.
Body Armour: Machine Manís outer skin is composed of a tessellated titanium alloy, which provides him with some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Pistols: Machine Man has a pair of modified .357 Magnum pistols installed in his index fingers.
Heat and Cold Generation: Machine Man can alter his internal temperature radiate to channel great amounts of heat or cold through is hand.
The robot Machine Man is the product of a top-secret U.S. military project which was funded to perfect a highly sophisticated mobile weapons system, capable of independent action and decision making: a robot soldier that could think like a man.
A team composed of the most prestigious computer-engineering specialists in the nation designed, built, and began programming the 51 experimental robots under the direction of Dr. Oliver Broadhurst. Dr. Able Stack, a brilliant computer heuristics programming specialist, reasoned that a robot could only think like a man if he was treated like one. Ignoring the personal risk, Dr. Stack took one of the robots, X-51, into his home, and instructed him as if he were Stack's own son. Stack believed that robot and man could live in harmony, and work together to realize a better world. Stack even went so far as to have an artificial face made of low-density foam to simulate flesh and a realistic wig fabricated for X-51, alias Machine Man. Machine Man although primarily good has been a minion of the Super Adaptoid.