Doctor Nemesis
Doctor Nemesis
Personal Info:
Real Name: Michael Craig Stockton
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Browning, Rhode Island
First Appearance: Marvel Feature Vol.1 9
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former ally of A.I.M
Base Of Operations: Lang Memorial Penitentiary
Grudges: Ant-Man
Creators: Mike Friedrich and Craig Russell
Dr. Nemesis has significantly above average intelligence, enabling him to understand and adapt the work of advanced intellects, such as Dr’s. Henry Pym and Earl Hawkins, although he could not develop such technology on his own.
Size Changing: Dr. Nemesis' costume possesses circuitry which apparently accesses the Pym Particle or a variant, enabling him to grow to superhuman size or shrink, with similar capabilities. He adapted his equipment to allow him to change the weight of an object, without affecting its mass or volume.
Body Armour: Dr. Nemesis' briefly wore a suit of miniature adamantium armour, designed by Pym, which could fire energy beams from its gauntlets, which caused other beings and objects to shrink out of existence
Force Filed: Dr. Nemesis' possesses an electro-magnetic shield, protecting him from physical attack.
A criminally inclined scientist with an interest in size-changing technology, Michael Stockton developed the means to observe “micro-verses”, supposedly sub-atomic worlds, but actually other-dimensional realms accessible via energies being released while shrinking. He made a particular hobby of observing a micro-world ruled by the monstrous dictator Tim Boo Ba, whose kingdom was unwittingly destroyed by an Earth child. Perhaps hoping to access the micro-worlds he studied, Stockton planned to steal the size changing technology of Henry Pym (Ant-Man), working for M’sieu Tete’s criminal gang and the subversive group A.I.M. in pursuit of this goal. Stealing and adapting some of Pym’s equipment to create his own size changing costume, Stockton menaced Ant-Man and his partner the Wasp as Doctor Nemesis.