King Cobra
King Cobra
Personal Info:
Real Name: Piet Voorhees
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: White Tiger Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Serpent Squad, Chaey and the Yakuza
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: White Tiger and Captain America
Creators: Tamora Pierce, Timothy Liebe, Phil Briones, and Don Hillsman
Body Alteration: King Cobra possesses certain unusual physical powers derived from his mutagenically altered physiology which among other things help him simulate the movement of a snake. All of the bones in his body, including his skull, are malleable and his muscle tissue is exceedingly resilient, making his body very flexible and pliant. This means that he can’t break bones and is able to compress his body down and fit in small places. He can use his flexibility to wrap himself around an opponent exerting his full strength in a grip that it is almost impossible to break.
Body Armour: King Cobra’s costume has been treated with a silicon graphite dust that makes it extremely slippery. He has also designed special chemical suction devices for his fingers and feel, enabling him to stick to walls and ceilings.
Slithering:King Cobra has a great degree of independent control over every muscle in his body, enabling him to slither across the ground, without using his arms and legs, simply by muscle contraction. He is extremely quick, capable of moving up to 50 miles per hour for several seconds by this method. His agility and speed make him very difficult to catch and hold onto.
Venom:King Cobra’s bite injects venom that can kill others within minutes, he also has the to project his venom through spit.
Enhanced Senses: King Cobra possesses enhanced olfactory senses, which enables him to track his targets by way of scent.
The Cobra, Klaus Voorhees, injected his nephew, Piet, with irradiated venom and turned him into the new super-powered Cobra. Cobra, with his powers of poisonous venom, flexible bones, restricting squeezes, and an enhanced sense of smell, hired himself out as an high level mercenary.