Personal Info:
Real Name: None
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Wolverine Vol.2 17
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Deviant mutates
Base Of Operations: El Jardin del Rey, Tierra Verde
Grudges: Wolverine and the Eternals
Creators: John Byrne
Body Transformation (Self): Spore's body is composed of unorganized amorphous material making him immune to almost all forms of physical destruction. It can rapidly reorganize itself after being injured or even completely dispersed. It can engulf and consume the forms of people and even super humans, enabling it to grow in size and power. Spore can also infect an individual and gain some control over that persons actions.
Spore was created by the Deviants, many millennia past, from a human template via genetic engineering techniques. It was created to be the ultimate weapon against the Deviants' enemies, the Eternals. It proved successful against the Eternals, and even gained immortality by consuming many of them. Spore continued to grow in power and hunger, eventually beginning to consume its Deviant creators as well. It was destroyed in 18, 000 BC by the Celestials of the Second Host. The Celestials judged Spore as too dangerous to continue, and so the rained their vast powers onto it, scorching it back to the visceral slime from which it grew. Its destruction took place on the mountain el Jardin del Re, on the Island of Tierra Verde.
In the modern era, a cocaine crop was harvested from el Jardin del Rey, which incorporated the particles of Spore, which had been incorporated in the soil. The special nature of this harvest was soon discovered when its users began to develop superhuman strength and durability after partaking of it. Spore's life force existed in all of its minute forms, and sought release in those who consumed it.