Molecule Man
Molecule Man
Personal Info:
Real Name: Owen Reece
Also Known As: No Known Alias
Place Of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 20 (1963) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Doctor Doom, Volcana, Beyonder, Mad Thinker, The Puppet Master
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: The Fantastic Four
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Gallery: Click
Nigh-Omnipotence: The current version of Molecule Man is so powerful that Galactus has even claimed that Owen Reece can destroy him with a mere thought. On a later occasion he unleashed his 'darkest aspect', which possessed sufficient might to fight, and overpower, the Beyonder in a more than 3-dimensional battle, which in turn was claimed by Kubik to be far less than his full potential.
Nigh-Omniscience: The classic Molecule Man was almost omniscient, capable of probing the universe and the Abstract Entities to find out that they were conspiring against the Beyonder, and to estimate the size of the Multiverse while talking to the Beyonder.
Energy Manipulation: Molecule Man can create force fields and energy blasts, and also open up wormholes through hyperspace and traverse them, thus traveling faster than light.
Molecular Manipulation: The Molecule Man possesses the ability to mentally control, transform, and manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy. Through concentration, he projects a psionic-manipulative energy, the precise nature of which is unknown, that alters the arrangement of molecules according to any visualized pattern. He can rearrange molecules so radically, he can use his power to reconfigure all forms of matter and them into different substances and forms (such as, for example, turning air into glass), and can change matter into energy and back again. The maximum area he can affect at a single time is not yet known. In the past, however, lifted a 150 billion ton mountain under his own power alone, converted a two-square mile parcel of land into an ornate palace, and, with assistance from the Silver Surfer, affected the entire planet Earth. Once he effects a change in the arrangement of molecules in a quantity of matter, it remains in its new configuration until he consciously changes it back. Even if rendered unconscious, the transformed substances remain. The Molecule Man can even affect the molecules of matter with mystical properties (such as Thor's hammer), matter fashioned by vast cosmic power (the Silver Surfer's surfboard), and matter composed of the most impervious materials devised by man (Captain America's steel alloy-vibranium shield). The process of molecular manipulation does not cause the Molecule Man any more exertion than performing simple arithmetic.
Reality Warping: The Molecule Man has enclosed the entire island of Manhattan in a plexiglass barrier, Regardless he has been able to effortlessly recreate an entire galaxy even in his regular state. He can animate inanimate materials by causing constant mass movement of molecules: for example, he can make a brick building walk.
Singular entity: Thanks to the tampering of the Beyonders, the Molecule Man is connected to all his alternate selves. While each Molecule Man has a degree of individuality, they are all part of one being, one mind.
Wand: The Molecule Man originally focused his powers through a wand. He was able to store his life force in his wand, and then mentally take over anyone who handled it, and even create a new body for himself.
Owen Reece was born in Dinosaur, Colorado but eventually moved to Brooklyn, New York. As a small and frail child he was raised by a coddling and over protective mother. By his own accounts Owen has claimed contrary to this, stating that his mother gave birth to him late in life and despised him. He has also stated that he was picked on in high school. While growing up, Owen developed a love for magicians and aspired to be one, but this childhood dream did not come to pass. As an adult he ended up working for the ACME Atomics Corporation and worked there for the next twelve years. Living a life beneath everyone's notice, Reece hoped for the day when he would be recognized by his peers for his hard work. While attempting to fix an atomic powered device, a trillion-to-one accident occurred, bombarding him with radiation and transforming his body. The accident also caused a "pin prick" hole between Earth's dimension and another, thus allowing the being who would eventually become known as the Beyonder to become aware of a universe teeming with life, an event that would have an impact on Owen's life many years later.
In reality, Reece's accident was caused by the Beyonders, beings who exist beyond the Multiverse. They created the Molecule Man as a singularity, being the same in every reality, to have the function of a "bomb," which would destroy its universe if he died. The purpose of their experiment was to eventually kill all of the Molecule Men at the same time to see what happened.
Soon Reece found that he could control the molecular structure of nearly anything. When he was fired from his job due to the accident, Reece decided to use his powers to take over the world. He then dubbed himself the Molecule Man and plotted to take over New York City. Due to his psychological problems and low self-esteem, stemming from his mother, Owen subconsciously placed limitations on his powers, such as being incapable of affecting the molecules of living things. Initially he also had to use a "magic wand" to focus his powers as well. Owen has stated that the wand was initially used due to his past infatuation with magicians.
Sensing the danger that the Molecule Man posed, Uatu the Watcher contacted the Fantastic Four and warned them of the threat, transporting them to face their foe as he threatened the city of New York from Time Square.
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