Personal Info:
Real Name: Unrevealed
Also Known As: Centurious the Soulless Man; The Man without a Soul
Place Of Birth: American Midwest
First Appearance: Ghost Rider Vol.1 #74 (1982) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Lilith, Blackout, Carver, Death Ninja, Heart Attack, The Lilin, Sin-Eater, Steel Vengeance, Steel Wind, Mr. Stern, Reverend Styge, Mephisto
Group Affiliation: The Hood's army; former leader of the FIRM
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Zarathos, Mephisto, Johnny Blaze and the Ghost Rider
Creators: J.M. DeMatteis, Bob Budiansky and Dave Simons
Gallery: Click
Centurious full range of powers is unknown but he has displayed some of the following:
Magic: Centurious has gained immense knowledge of the occult over the years and is now capable of telekinesis, self-levitation, illusion-casting, projecting eldritch blasts, manipulating the natural elements (earth, air, fire, water), mentally controlling certain lower animals (and even humans under certain circumstances), summoning demons from the abyss, and enhancing his own physical abilities. Centurious is also able to offer up power to his followers, transforming them into superhumans. With the aid of the Crystal of Souls, Centurious was able to steal the souls from his victims and gain power from them.
Immortality: Centurious has been granted immortality for the exchange of his soul.
The man who would become Centurious was once the nameless prince of a small American Indian tribe 2,000 prior to the present. When followers of the soul-devouring demon Zarathos ransacked his village and took his lover captive, the prince sought the aid of the demon Mephisto to rescue his beloved. Mephisto removed the prince's soul and sent him to the City of Ten Thousand Souls where he confronted Zarathos. Zarathos attempted to steal the prince's soul but was confused when he discovered the prince was soulless, which depleted the faith Zarathos' followers had in him and weakened the demon enough for Mephisto to capture him as his prisoner. The prince reunited with his lover, but lacking a soul made him emotionless and destroyed the love he had for her. Leaving his lover, the prince wandered the world for centuries, losing his humanity over time and taking various guises, eventually adopting the alias Centurious.
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