Death Ninja
Death Ninja
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unrevealed
Also Known As: No Known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
First Appearance: Ghost Rider Vol.3 #3 (1990) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Deathwatch, Centurious, Blackout, Orb, Zadkiel
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York
Grudges: Ghost Rider
Creators: Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares
Gallery: Click
Death Ninja is a trained Ninja and is an expert with hand-to-hand weapons and thrown weapons. He always carries a sword and several shuriken.
Immortality: Death Ninja is an undead being and as such cannot be killed by any conventional method. He recovers from any damage inflicted upon him. He also claims that killing Ghost Rider is the only thing that will end his existence.
Centurious sent the creature later dubbed Death Ninja to infiltrate Deathwatch’s employ in an effort to locate the Ghost Rider. After he joined Deathwatch's band of murderous ninja's, he was killed by the Ghost Rider, only to be resurrected in a decomposing state.
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