Black Dragon
Black Dragon
Personal Info:
Real Name: Chiantang
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: City of Dragons, K'un-Lun
First Appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist Vol.1 118
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Dragons of K'un-Lun
Base Of Operations: City of Dragons, K'un-Lun
Grudges: Iron Fist, Power Man and Black Panther
Creators: Jim Owsley, Mark Bright, and Jerry Acerno
Black Dragon in his natural form, is an immense dragon, 100' long. He can change into human form at will and is an expert martial artist.
Enhanced Abilities: Black Dragon has upper level super human strength, and endurance.
Invulnerability: Black Dragon is nearly, invulnerable to all forms of physical and energy attacks.
Healing: Black Dragon is able to heal from virtually and wound.
Flight: Black Dragon has a set of wings that allow him to fly.
Mind Swap: Black Dragon is able to switch his mind with any being he wishes.
Fire Breathing: Black Dragon can fire blasts of flame.
Shape Changing: Black Dragon can transform his body into any form he desires.
There was once a fierce and deadly dragon named Chiantang. He was brother to the Dragon King, the mightiest of all dragons.
Many centuries ago, the daughter of the Dragon King, against her father's wishes, married a young dragon. This dragon, Shou-Lao, shamed her, and then left her penniless and homeless. When Chiantang learned of his niece's fate, he transformed into dragon form, swam to the surface, and assaulted K'un-Lun, where Shou-Lao had taken refuge, ignoring his brother's belief that violence was not the way.
Locating Shou-Lao himself, Chiantang borrowed a favour from a god, and changed the dragon into a lowly fire-breathing serpent. Chiantang then ripped out Shou-Lao's heart and placed it, alive and throbbing, into a cauldron of boiling blood within a cave, where he wanted it to beat until the end of time. Chiantang imprisoned Shou-Lao nearby, intending his victim to writhe in shame and agony forever, hence his new title of Shou-Lao the Undying.
One year later, with K'un-Lun levelled, and 70, 000 natives dead (men, women, and children alike), Chiantang was summoned to the castle in the sky of Master Khan, god to the people of K'un-Lun. Deriving power from the worship of the people of K'un-Lun, Master Khan was enraged and considered punishment of Chiantang. However, upon hearing of what Chiantang had done to Shou-Lao, Master Khan was amused, and decided to forgive the dragon. However, he warned Chiantang that he would not be this easily amused again.
Over a thousand years later, Daniel Rand faced Shou-Lao, and stole its heart, killing it.
Hearing of the destruction of his creation, which effectively ended his punishment, Chiantang became enraged. Ignoring the Dragon King again, he swam to the surface and prepared to slaughter the people of K'un-Lun (believing Rand/Iron Fist to be in their midst). This time, however, Khan confronted him and demanded he halt. When Chiantang attempted to pass him by, Khan transformed him back into mortal form. Khan then created a sword, Dragonslayer, from the water that had spawned the dragons, telling Chiantang that it could dispose of him forever. Khan imprisoned Chiantang in a subterranean chamber, leaving him in manacles and watched over by a guard who held the Dragonslayer.
Three years later, the Dragon King's daughter decided that her uncle had suffered enough. Chiantang's niece pleaded with Master Khan to release Chiantang, but he refused to listen. She travelled to his subterranean prison, took the form of one of the guards, and appeared at the cell during the time for the changing of the guard. Still in that form and holding Dragonslayer, the daughter of the Dragon King undid Chiantang's manacles. Believing his rescuer to be a real guard and believing that all mortals should die, Chiantang grabbed the mighty sword and beheaded the guard, realizing only afterwards that he had killed his own niece. This drove Chiantang completely insane. Refusing to take responsibility for his own actions, Chiantang blamed the mortals.