Personal Info:
Real Name: Nichole Martin
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Florida
First Appearance: World War Hulk: Gamma Corps 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Gamma Corps
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Hulk
Creators: Frank Tieri and Carlos Ferreira
Enhanced Abilities: Mess has super human strength and endurance.
Body Armour: Mess has some degree of protection from physical and energy attacks.
Healing: Mess is able to heal at a much greater rate than a normal human.
While travelling a mile outside of the Miami-Dade area, Nichole Martin was on the freeway with her son, Johnny, when a news bulletin was broadcast over the radio signalling a code red alert. The Hulk was battling the creature known as the Abomination. Concerned for relatives that lived in the area, Nichole noticed – a bit too late – that a garbage truck was plummeting toward her car. Unable to dodge the massive vehicle, the truck landed directly on top of her automobile pinning both Nichole and her son inside. The car burst into flames, and even though she struggled and prayed for the strength to save her son, Johnny Martin was burned alive right in front of her. While recovering in the hospital, Nichole was visited by General Ryker posing as a psychiatrist. He was told that she was unresponsive, and her injuries were massive, but he offered her a chance to get back at the person she held responsible for the traumatic losses she sustained – the Hulk. It was at that moment Nichole Martin’s plans for revenge were born. She agreed to have cloned parts of the Abomination grafted onto the injured sections of her body giving her powers to enact her vengeance.