Personal Info:
Real Name: Jack Taggert
Also Known As: No Known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Iron Man Vol.1 #230 (1988) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Edwin Cord, The Mandarin
Group Affiliation: Employee of Edwin Cord
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Iron Man
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Body Armour: Firepower’s armour provides him with a high degree of protection from energy and physical attacks.
Enhanced Abilities: Firepower’s strength, reflexes and endurance have all been enhanced by his armour.
Sensors: The Firepower armour contains a vast array of sensors.
Flight: The Firepower armour can fly at sub-sonic speeds.
Weapon Systems: The Firepower armour contains an impressive array of weapons including: surface-to-air missiles, heat beam lasers, mini-grenades, and arm-mounted concussive cannons.
Terminax: The armour contains a small tactical nuclear missile known as ‘Terminax’.
Jack Taggert served in the U.S. military and became involved in testing the Firepower armour, a battlesuit created by Edwin Cord for use as a weapon against out-of-control superheroes and crowds. Taggert was chosen to wear the suit after extensive training.
Taggert's first assignment was to defeat the hero Iron Man, who had become an outlaw during his crusade to rid various private and public centres of his own technology stolen from him.
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