Marquis Of Death
Marquis Of Death
Personal Info:
Real Name: Clyde Wyncham Jr.
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: USA (Earth-1219)
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 562
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Multiverse
Grudges: Fantastic Four
Creators: Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards
The Marquis Of Death’s powers are immeasurable, he is able to project flames, lightning and other energies, he could, with a gesture, cause a star to go supernova and, allegedly, destroy an entire galaxy within micro seconds. He can fly, teleport, cross dimensions and temporal barriers, project illusions into others minds, and eradicate, transform and recreate matter. He draws powers from space time itself.
Clyde Wyncham was the first and only mutant of Earth 1218. Clyde was so powerful he could control humans and bring the dead back to life. Despite his power, he was too young to control it. One night in 1964, he unwittingly coerced a crowd of people to surround his home, including his dead father whom he had unintentionally resurrected. Clyde's mother was so horrified that she struck him with a candlestick to get him to stop, resulting in permanent brain damage. His mother left him to live in an asylum from that point on.
In the year 1985, Clyde caused an inter-dimensional calamity that shook both his home reality and a reality similar to Earth-616 to their very core, an event which caused Clyde's mental condition to further deteriorate. Nevertheless, Reed Richards detained Clyde and imprisoned him on Earth-616 in a place known only as Area-87 where, along with a helmet designed to give Clyde an eternity of pleasant dreams, his God-like reality altering abilities were subdued by his own internal brain damage.
Several years passed, then one day without any warning, Area-87 fell under attack by several of Reed Richards' greatest enemies, all of whom sought to kill Clyde, in their arrogance they awoke Clyde and accidentally restored his mind.
With only a thought, Clyde killed all of the villains and by doing so...awakened his insatiable hunger for destruction. Dedicating a billion years of his immortal life to learning how to master both Time and Space, Clyde evolved into an entirely new being and thus, The Marquis of Death, was born.