Personal Info:
Real Name: Mary MacPherran
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Denver, Colorado
First Appearance: Fear Itself Vol.1 2
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Worthy
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Avengers Academy and Thor
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Body Armour: Skirn's toughened flesh provides her with near invulnerability to physical and energy attacks.
Enhanced Abilities: Skirn has upper level super human Strength, Durability and Endurance.
Resistance's: Skirn's body is resistant to heat, fire, cold, corrosives and disease.
Hammer of Skirn: Skirnís hammer can be used as a blunt force melee weapon or as a throwing weapon.
Mary MacPherran was born prematurely in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, growing up as someone looked down upon by most of her peers and nicknamed "Skeeter" (a slang word for mosquito) by a popular girl at school called Vanessa Ashwood because of her scrawny build. Her only real friend was Marsha Rosenberg, who was similarly unpopular, in her case for being awkward and overweight. Consistently mocked and humiliated since childhood by the wealthy Vanessa and her social clique, while being forced to take menial jobs to survive, Mary grew bitter over her hard life, and fantasized about gaining superpowers to be admired, and to exact revenge on her tormentors.
When the second Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter began to make appearances in Denver, Rosenberg remarked that her hair was the same colour as Mary's. Mary falsely confided in her friend that she was secretly Spider-Woman, and when Rosenberg spread the rumour, Mary saw her popularity grow and was invited to a party by Vanessa and her clique.
In the midst of the party, however, their suburb of Denver was ripped from Earth and used by the alien Beyonder to create the makeshift planet Battleworld. When the real Spider-Woman arrived on the scene and saved the guests from falling debris, Vanessa and her friends realized they'd been duped and chased MacPherran and Rosenberg into the forests of Battleworld. Frightened and exhausted, the two young women were found by the villain Doctor Doom. Doom was looking for recruits for his army of super villains, and offered the girls the chance of gaining superhuman powers. The girls accepted Doom's offer.
Using the highly advanced alien technologies found in "Doombase", Doom recreated both women; able to use the technology entirely as he desired, Doom induced high-level meta-human abilities of specific and particular design. While Rosenberg (now known as Volcana) received a fiery form composed of ionized plasma, MacPherran gained powers in diametric opposition to her previous incarnation, where once she had been "the scrawny one who got her face rubbed in the dirt," she was now far taller, muscular, and buxom than average. She now had an incredibly high level of superhuman strength and durability.
When Skadi freed the Serpent an enigmatic being claiming to be the true all-father of Asgard, he called the Hammers of the Worthy to Earth. One of these hammers crashed into a diamond mine in South Africa, drawing the attention of the Absorbing Man and Titania. The Absorbing Man was unable to lift or absorb the Hammer; however it called to Titania. She lifted it and was transformed into Skirn, Breaker of Men.