Personal Info:
Real Name: Quentin Beck
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Riverdale, California
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 13
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Sinister Seven, Former member of Sinister Six I-III
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Spider-Man
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Mysterio is a genius at staging complex special effects and creating holograms.
Helmet: Crafted from one-way mirrored glass, this device contains a one-hour air supply.
Gas Nozzles: Wrist and ankle nozzles in Mysterio’s costume allow him to release his tailor-made gas as well as knock-out gas and a vision-obscuring fog.
Gloves:Mysterio’s gloves can project different smoke effects, such as a smoke screen, poison gas, or a spider-sense numbing gas.
Holographic Projectors: Mysterio has designed and built Holographic projectors that allow him to create illusions and hypnotise people.
Robots: Mysterio can create humanoid robots that are able to disguise their selves.
Quentin Beck began his career as a Hollywood movie stuntman, but soon became more interested in the field of motion picture special effects. He quickly became one of the most accomplished effects designers in the industry. Motivated by the desire to escape the limited recognition of his behind-the-scenes occupation, Beck tried to become an actor but met with little success. A joking suggestion by a friend gave him the idea of using his technical knowledge to kill the costumed hero Spider-Man and take his place as a popular crime fighter.
Beck moved to New York City and studied Spider-Man intently for months, filming him in action and collecting fallen pieces of his webbing to see if it could be duplicated. He arranged an anonymous encounter with his intended victim. Beck contacted the criminal known as the Tinkerer, outfitting him and his accomplices with equipment that made them appear to be extraterrestrials. Beck himself participated in their illegal activities and escaped when they were defeated. The special effects he designed were convincing enough to cause Spider-Man to think they were authentic aliens.
Following that encounter, and after more months of preparation, Beck completed his Spider-Man costume. He also created the masked identity of Mysterio for himself. He planned to discredit Spider-Man by committing crimes in his guise, then gain fame by capturing and defeating the real Spider-Man.