Uthana Thoth
Uthana Thoth
Personal Info:
Real Name: Uthana Thoth
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unamed dimension
First Appearance: The Mighty Thor Vol.1 615
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Leader of the Ano-Athox
Base Of Operations: Unamed dimension
Grudges: Thor
Creators: Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry
Uthana Thoth’s full range of powers are unrevealed. He appears somewhat analogous to the Asgardian All Father Odin, in stature and power. Although Odin proved to be superior in individual combat until overwhelmed when Uthana Thoth's allies decided to intervene. Still, many of all Uthana Thoth's claims of power, such as keeping a dying Universe alive, to keep his race alive, and breaching weak barriers of reality to allow travel for his ship appear to be verified by his actions.
His home dimension crumbling and contracting, the proud leader of the Ano-Athox people, sensed a cosmic axis shift, a reality discrepancy caused by the void left by the realm of Asgard when it was re-situated on Earth, rather than its original location on the Yggdrasil, or World Tree. Though his power, he kept the space surrounding his entire people, his race alive, and sent out hordes of his warriors, commandeered by his own son Thane to usurp and conquer lands in other realities that they could claim in the name of the Ano-Athox. In a nameless void he waited with his people, and endorsed slaughter and dominion over any other races. Under his power he claims to have kept their dying Universe alive, and now with a new reality found, he ripped a hole into which the Ano-Athox could enter and flourish.