Brain Drain
Brain Drain
Personal Info:
Real Name: Werner Schmidt
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Germany
First Appearance: Invaders Vol.1 2
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Omega Flight; Formerly Nazi Party
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Alpha Flight, Invaders and Liberty Legion
Creators: Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins
Brain Drain is a human brain and two eyes in a jar; attached to a robotic body.
Enhanced Intelligence: Brain Drainís intelligence was vastly heightened by exposure to alien Axi-Tun technology; following that exposure he spent years studying their technology before the destruction of their ship.
Hypnosis: Brain Drain has hypnotic powers capable of mesmerizing multiple targets simultaneously, forcing them to do whatever he desires. This hypnosis generally is a close range phenomena, but with preparation and proper equipment it can be conducted electronically at planetary distances.
Werner Schmidt stood on a German mountainside when a huge meteorite crashed into it, creating an enormous crater. Schmidt was nearly killed by the meteorite-caused explosion, but aliens travelling within the ship saved his brain and eyes, placing them within a floating bubble which they then attached to a humanoid robotic body. Hoping Schmidt could help them repair their ship (within the meteorite), they exposed him to a powerful "ring of the nebulas" which immensely heightened his mental and mechanical powers. Schmidt seized the ring and placed the aliens under his control, renaming them after German mythological figures: Brunnhilde, Donar, Froh, Loga. However, one (Brunnhilde) resisted and fled, amnesiac, taking the ring with her. The Nazis built a base within the crater to study the ship, and Schmidt (now called A.1416, or Brain Drain) was placed in control of the operation.