Personal Info:
Real Name: Hiro-Kala
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Sakaar
First Appearance: Skaar: Son of Hulk Vol.1 2
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: K'ai
Grudges: The Hulk and Skar
Creators: Greg Pak and Ron Garney
Gallery: Click
Being born on the war torn planet of Sakaar, Hiro-Kala is an experienced hand to hand combatant and is also a good swordsman.
The Old Power: Hiro-Kala is a master of the Old Power. With the Old Power Hiro-Kala has endurance, agility, reflexes and strength beyond that of the average human. Hiro-Kala can also use his Old Power to make himself stronger than normal and harden his body both through making layers of force fields and transforming into a stone form, create tremendous blasts, make the Old Power into a water-like substance, flexible enough to go inside a needle's eye, easily reform himself after having a significant portion of his head knocked off and being separated at the waist, and can increase his size.
The New Power: Hiro-Kala believes that the Old Power is corrupted, and so has made a power by combining the Old Power and the Power Cosmic, known as the New Power. The New Power is simply all of the attributes of the Old Power and Power Cosmic, rather than new powers through the Old Power and Power Cosmic interacting and mixing together. However, there is a great liklihood that Hiro-Kala can double his durability through the techniques of durability with the Old Power and Power Cosmic.
K'aitian Worldmind: Hiro-Kala has acquired the power of the K'aitian Worldmind. With this power, Hiro-Kala can summon the K'aitian Worldmind's War-Mind soldiers and command them at will.
During The Hulkís (Green Scarís) time on Sakaar, his wife Caiera the Shadow Queen, along with almost all of Sakaar's people, were killed in a warp-core explosion. Caiera could have saved herself with her Old Power but instead sacrificed her body and used it to put Hiro-Kala and his twin brother Skaar in cocoons to shield them from the explosion, so their father could find them. Unfortunately their father had gone to Earth to seek vengeance on the falsely blamed Illuminati. Although Skaar's inherited Old Power along with his father's rage allowed him to survive easily, Hiro-Kala's abilities did not come as quickly and he was a very weak being as an infant. Eventually Axeman Bone came across the child, not knowing of his true heritage, or he would surely have killed him for being a son of the Green Scar and heir to the throne of Sakaar, the thrown that Axeman Bone now occupied. Hiro-Kala became a slave and was pushed, mocked, and even laughed at until an old man told him of the Green Scar's story. The old man discovered Hiro-Kala's goal, to have his birthright, the Old Power. He sneaked out of the Fillian borders, and was stranded in a desert, where two men were pushing him, he remained silent until a monster helped him and killed the men. He was calmed by a woman who was kind enough to give Hiro an apple, but Hiro refused it and continued his journey.
Hiro-Kala saw a slave priest, Hiro-Amin, chained and hopeless across an arc. Hiro-Kala used a rock to break the chain, Hiro-Amin knew what the boy was looking for, and asked him to reach into his pocket. Hiro-Kala thought it was a rock, but it was just an eye of a man who sought the Old Power, and went crazy. Hiro-Amin said that to get the Old Power, he or she must kill someone with the Old Power. Axeman from behind grabbed Hiro-Kala and gave him his axe. As Hiro-Kala raised the axe and finished Hiro-Amin, a blue beam circled over the sky. He knew it was the Old Power but it did not come to him, it just flew away. Axeman grabbed Hiro by the neck and broke his slave collar, Axeman granted Hiro-Kala freedom and became his honor guard. A few days later, Hiro-Kala and the Axeman's army went to Okini to hunt Skaar.