The Voice
The Voice
Personal Info:
Real Name: Jason Lorne Cragg
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Gary, Indiana
First Appearance: Tales to Astonish Vol.1 42
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: People's Security Force, Skeleton Crew
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Ant-Man and the West Coast Avengers
Creators: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Don Heck
Gallery: Click
Mind Control: The Voice is able to use his voice to make anyone who hears him believe anything he says. He is even able to make someone freeze on the spot just by ordering them to. Speakers mounted on the Voice's shoulders were used to make his voice louder and to cover a greater area.
Jason Cragg was an average radio announcer in the mid-west when ionized atoms from a nearby atomic lab travelled through his microphone. The exposure to these ionized atoms mutated Cragg's vocal cords. With his new voice, anyone who heard him followed and believed his every word. The radio station's business tripled. Realizing his newly altered voice was the key, Cragg quit the station to set out for personal profit.
Cragg set himself up as a professional orator and travelled to New York. There he witnessed Ant-Man in action. Cragg decided to try and use his powers against the diminutive hero, as the Voice.