Personal Info:
Real Name: Lyle Dekker
Also Known As: General Dekker, Captain America, Giant Cap, Robocap, Ironcap, Machinesmith, Ameridroid 3.0
Place Of Birth: Germany
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.1 #218 (1978) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Red Skull I, Baron Helmut Zemo
Group Affiliation: Red Skull; Nazi Party; Nihilist Order
Base Of Operations: Germany
Grudges: Captain America
Creators: Sal Buscema, Mike Esposito, Don Glut, John Tartag
Enhanced Abilities: Ameridroid has peak human level, strength, agility, speed, durability, senses, intelligence and healing.
Body Armour: Ameridroid is a 20 foot synthetic android, which gives him some protection from physical and energy attacks.
As a scientist working under the command of the original Red Skull, Dekker was charged with the undermining of a movie based on Captain America entitled "The Adventures of Captain America". Going undercover, Dekker was hired by Democracy Studios as a Special Effects Designer. As part of the plot to sabotage the film, Dekker orchestrated various filming "accidents". After an on-site investigation by Captain America as well as another accident involving the actor hired to play Cap's role, Dekker hatched a plan to substitute a prop laser for a real one of his own design in order to kill the lead actress. Captain America along with his side-kick Bucky were able to save the actress and confront Dekker, who was able to escape by knocking Bucky and himself off of a cliff and into the ocean.
Dekker, who was believed to have meet his death after the altercation with Cap and Bucky, was in fact picked up by a German U-Boat containing a furious Red Skull who proceeded to torture Dekker for his failed mission. After his punishment, Red skull left Dekker to die in the cold waters of Newfoundland, but his body was found by a fishing boat. After his recovery, Dekker set up a new base to continue his plans, which had now been altered from the destruction of the Allied powers, to the destruction of the Allied powers as well as the Axis powers as he was hated by both. inutes after its conclusion. Erskine died without fully committing the Super-Soldier formula to paper, leaving Steve Rogers the sole beneficiary of his genius.
During Dekker’s new rise to power, Captain America was in Suspended animation after being hurled into the arctic and put into suspended animation by the Super-soldier Serum that cursed through his veins. After being found by the Avengers and revived, Cap had another altercation involving Dekker. While investigation in Newfoundland after remembering his encounter with Dekker, Cap was captured by Dekker and his forces, and had his power drawn-off and into a 12’ tall android. Dekker then transferred his essence into the android. Rechristened “Ameridroid”, Dekker now had all of Cap’s abilities, though proportional to his new 12’ tall android body.