Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost
Personal Info:
Real Name: Deacon Frost
Also Known As: Dark One, Vendaaga, Whitehair
Place Of Birth: Lindau, Germany
First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula Vol.1 #13 (1973) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Dracula
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Blade
Creators: Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan
As a vampire, Deacon Frost is a member of the living dead, virtually immortal and only able to be destroyed by direct sunlight, piercing of his heart, beheading, burning and scattering of his ashes, or using the magic Montesi Formula spell. Religious objects can also harm him and items made of silver. He is also bound from entering any dwelling unless invited, and he feels the need to break any mirror he encounters. Most significantly, Deacon Frost is dependant on consuming human blood every night.
Enhanced Abilities: Deacon Frost is a vampire and has enhanced strength, endurance and agility.
Vampire Bite: Deacon Frostís bite inflicts damage and makes his victim subject to Deacon Frostís telepathic commands. Frostís bite is unique among vampires, as it creates a vampiric doppelganger of anyone he bites.
Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all vampires, Frost can rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues faster and more efficiently than an ordinary human.
Acute Senses: Frost's senses of sight, smell, and hearing are enhanced to superhuman levels.
Transformation: Deacon Frost can transform into a mist-like cloud, a bat, a man-sized bat, or a wolf.
Weather Manipulation: Frost, like all vampires, possess the ability to greatly manipulate the weather over a limited area, such as creating immensely powerful thunderstorms.
Hypnotism and Mind Control: Like all vampires, Frost has the ability to hypnotise most beings just by making eye contact with them for a few seconds. While under his influence, he can force people to do his bidding, though beings of great will power can resist him.
19th century German chemist Deacon Frost was obsessed with immortality. Believing vampire blood was the key, he created an immortality serum in 1863 using the bodily fluids from a recently slain vampire. Too cowardly to test the serum on himself, Frost kidnapped a young woman, Ilsa, as his experimental subject. Before he could inject he with the serum, the womanís lover, Helmut Grossman intervened and a heated struggle ensued during which Frost was injected with the serum. The results were everything that Frost had ever dreamed of: he became immortal, though he was now one of the walking undead.
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