Personal Info:
Real Name: Antonio Rodriguez
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: San Antonio, Texas
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.1 308
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former henchman of Dr. Karl Malus
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: None
Gallery: Click
Body Armour: Armadillo’s body is covered with a thick hide and armour plates that provide him with protection from physical and energy attacks.
Claws: Armadillo’s hands and feet end in long, non-retractable claws that he uses as a weapon. He has also used them to climb walls.
Tunnelling: Using his powerful claws, Armadillo can burrow through soil and rock.
Little is known about the background of Antonio Rodriguez other than he was a criminal record and a wife named Bonita. His wife critically stricken with an undiagnosed disease, Rodriguez took her to every doctor who would see her but none was able to help her.
In desperation, Rodriguez sought the criminal scientist Dr. Karl Malus, who specializes in the generation and bestowal of superhuman powers, whom he heard about while in prison. Malus agreed to try to cure her in exchange for Rodriguez agreeing to become his test subject and employee for an indefinite period of time. Malus subjected Rodriguez to an experimental process that combined genetic material from an armadillo with the man's human genes. Dubbing Rodriguez the Armadillo, he assigned him to break into the Avengers' West Coast compound to steal the comatose body of the villain Goliath, who was being held there.