Personal Info:
Real Name: Buck Mitty
Also Known As: The Bug-Man of Alcatraz, Red Baron
Place Of Birth: Lodi, New Jersey
First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man Vol.1 #19 (1986) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Heroes For Hire
Group Affiliation: None; Formerly Heroes for Hire
Base Of Operations: Manhattan, New York
Grudges: Spider-Man
Creators: David Michelinie and Marc Silvestri
Gallery: Click
Insect Control: Humbug can communicate with insects with his helmet that he himself designed to work with any insect species.
Sonic Blasts: Humbug carries around different kinds of amplifiers and some recorded insect noises, these noises can be harnessed into a sonic blast via some amplifiers.
Former Empire State University (ESU) senior entomology professor Buck Mitty is an eccentric scientist and inventor with an unusual fondness for insects. When the ESU regents cut off his funding to validate his thesis that “insects are our friends”, Mitty turned to crime to continue his research. Wearing an amateur costume with gadgetry capable of various tricks via the amplification of insect noises, and tried to rob an armoured car.
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