Personal Info:
Real Name: Temujin
Also Known As: Temugin, Mandarin, Gene Khan, Son of the Mandarin
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Iron Man Vol.3 #53 (2002) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: The Mandarin
Group Affiliation: Atlas Foundation
Base Of Operations: Tibet
Grudges: Iron Man
Creators: Mike Grell and Ryan Odagawa
Temujin is a total master of the martial arts, rivalling Iron Fist or Shang-Chi.
Chi: Temujin possesses immense ability to channel his Chi into superhuman physical abilities. By channelling his Chi, he can increase his strength sufficiently to destroy Iron Man's armour with a few blows, and increase his speed sufficiently to dodge highly advanced computer-guided energy-blasting weaponry at close range. He also possesses the ability to channel Chi into superhuman durability against blunt damage and energy attacks.
Rings: Temujin briefly possessed the Mandarinís rings. There are ten rings in total, one for each finger. The rings produce 10 effects: Ice Blast, Mind Control, Electrical Blast, Flame Blast, White Light, Matter Rearanger, Impact Beam, Vortex beam, Disintegration Beam and Black Light.
Temujin is the son of the Mandarin. He was brought to a monastery in Tibet as a small child. His only memories of his father are of him carrying him and shielding him from the cold winds of the mountains of Tibet. Temujin was raised by the monks of the monastery. He excelled at the study of martial arts, demonstrating a talent for channelling his Chi that rivalled his father. He had little contact with the outside world until he was delivered his father's rings and a note explaining that he must avenge his father's death at the hands of Iron Man.
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