Personal Info:
Real Name: Douglas M. Carmody
Also Known As: Boogyman, Bogey Man
Place Of Birth: New York City, New York
First Appearance: Power Pack Vol.1 #2 (1984) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: N'Astirh
Group Affiliation: The Right
Base Of Operations: Washington, D.C
Grudges: Power Pack and The New Mutants
Creators: Louise Simonson and June Brigman
Enhanced Abilities: Bogeyman has super human strength, durability and endurance.
Body Alteration (Self): After being transformed into a demon, Bogeyman 's body is more fluidic; he can easily become a liquid and move through cracks. He can also take significant damage.
Claws: Bogeyman has a set of claws.
Battlesuit: Before being transformed into a demon, Bogeyman used a battlesuit that gave him the ability to fly, moderately enhanced strength and durability. He also used "trash bags" which were made of a material that prevented anyone within from using their powers.
Douglas M. Carmody was in charge of the Carmody Research labs where Dr. James Power was working to perfect his anti-matter power generator. When the alien race of Kymellians destroyed the anti-matter generator (which also led to the creation of four young heroes known collectively as Power Pack,) Carmody lost his position, blaming the children of Power Pack. Carmody went on to hunt the Pack, whom he considered mutants. To this end, he stole a powerful battlesuit from the government energy research station, Project Pegasus, and called himself the Bogeyman.
During a demonic invasion of New York, N'Astirh took several people and turned them into demons against their will and Carmody was one of these.
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