Eli Bard
Eli Bard
Personal Info:
Real Name: Eliphas
Also Known As: Eliphas, Brother Eli
Place Of Birth: Rome
First Appearance: X-Force Vol.3 #3 (2008) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Selene, Matthew Risman, Bastion
Group Affiliation: Selene's Inner Circle, formerly Purifiers, Roman Senate
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: X-Force
Creators: Chris Yost and Craig Kyle, Clayton
Eli Bard is a vampire like being requiring human life force’s to sustain his own life. He also has some limited knowledge of magic.
Enhanced Abilities: Eli Bard has super human strength, speed, endurance and agility.
Regenerative Healing Factor: Eli Bard can rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues faster and more efficiently than an ordinary human.
Immortality: Eli Bard has been given the gift of eternal life by his beloved Selene.
Intangibility:Eli Bard can become intangible, he is able to allow solid objects to pass through him.
Teeth and Claws: Eli Bard has a powerful set of teeth and claws.
Resurrection: When Bard was infected with the Techno-Organic Virus of Magus, he was able to resurrect dead beings and also exert some control over them.
Some two thousand years ago, Eliphias was once a promising soldier before being injured in battle. He later tried to be a poet until he met Aurelia, who granted him a seat in the Senate. Unfortunately, he was only a puppet for Aurelia to sell his seat of Mascius, a high ranking general, who she was having an affair with. Eliphias was forced out of his wife's home, with only two ruby earrings in his hands. He gave them to a slave girl named Claudia.
With his entire life in a shambles, Eli wandered the streets of Rome, where he met a woman named Selene, who knew a lot about him. She offered him a ride in her carriage. At first, Eliphias presumed that she was in Rome for Senate business until she offered him eternal life and her love if he helped her to sacrifice every soul in Rome. Eli soon agreed to this, when Mascius acquired his seat in the Senate without his knowledge and Aurelia burned all of his possessions. All Eliphias had to do was smear five runes around Rome in his own blood in order to enact a spell, allowing Selene to reap tens of thousands of souls to gain immortality. However, Eliphias spotted Claudia and warned her of what was going to happen and instructed her not to tell anyone but her family. Unfortunately, his little act of kindness would seal his fate, as Claudia's father warned Mascius of the plot and Eliphias was captured before he could initiate the spell as well as Selene. They were tied to stakes outside the city in order to be burned. Selene awoke quickly and turned the flames against their would-be executioners. Furious at Eliphias for his failure, with her life force withering away from the use of her magic, she absorbed his, denying him death and making him a vampire-like mutate.
Seven hundred years later, a farmer discovered Eliphias' body in a field and was swiftly killed through a swift bite to the jugular. He returned to his former house, learning that it had been centuries and the people living there were the descendants of Mascius and Aurelia. Furious, Eliphias slaughtered the entire family, before causing plague in Rome so he could obtain the dagger he was intending to use centuries ago.
Desperate for Selene, Eliphias, still in love with her, traced her tracks and caused death everywhere he went. Eventually, he changed his name to Eli Bard and followed Selene's trail to the New World. He encountered a tribe of Apache who recognized him for what he was but were unable to kill him. He massacred the tribe for sustenance, which was blamed on diseases brought by the Europeans. By the 20th century, he had found Selene in Nova Roma but was too scared to approach her. He needed an offering to appease her, meaning that he would enact the same ritual he used two millennia before. He eventually joined the Purifiers, believing that the religious mutant haters would be perfect sacrifices for Selene.
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