Personal Info:
Real Name: Henry Mortonson
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: USA
First Appearance: Human Torch Comics Vol.1 #30 (1948) Golden Age Villain
Known Associates: Agent Axis, The Shark
Group Affiliation: Former Nazi
Base Of Operations: Los Angeles, California
Grudges: Human Torch
Creators: Stan Lee and Alex Schomburg
During the 1940s the Hyena was an expert saboteur, he access to various fire arms and explosives. In the modern age he developed a device that could trigger explosives and cause various mechanical failures when the device was wired into the Human Torch.
Longevity: It appears that due to his unique physiology the Hyena ages slowly allowing him to live on well into the modern era.
Henry Mortonson was cursed with a birth defect that not only forced him to perpetually smile, but also gave him an appearance that resembled a hyena, which he soon adopted as his name.
Following the outbreak of World War II, the American born Mortonson became a supporter of the Nazis aiding in acts of sabotage in the United States on military vehicles. In 1942 he and the Shark were selected by Agent Axis on a mission to attack member of the Invaders. He was given the task of capturing the original Human Torch and taking a sample of his synthetic blood.
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