Personal Info:
Real Name: Xenith
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Strontia
First Appearance: Star Masters Vol.1 #1 (1995) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Vulcan
Group Affiliation: Imperial Guard; Formerly Star Masters, Cosmic Commandos
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Inhumans, Strarjammers and Nova
Creators: Mark Gruenwald and Scot Eaton
Due to training with her cousin Kallark, Strontian is highly skilled in hand to hand combat.
Enhanced Abilities: Strontian has vast superhuman strength, durability and endurance. She also has super human speed and agility.
Invulnerability: Strontian is nearly invulnerable to physical and energy attacks.
Flight: Strontian can fly at super sonic speeds.
Life Support: Strontian can survive in the vacuum of space without any form of life support.
Heat Vision: Strontian possesses the ability to fire immense beams of energy and of heat from her eyes that are accompanied by a strong concussive force.
Xenith was born a Strontian and a cousin to the famous Gladiator (leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard). Xenith obtained her combat skills from training with Gladiator. The two would spar in youth. She joined the Cosmic Commandos and her first mission was to capture Quasar who was framed for murdering the crew of the Hub.
Xenith then served the Shi'ar Empire, but for an unknown reason she eventually turned against the Imperium. The response to this was to send her cousin Gladiator, to capture her, she was then imprisoned under the claim that she was mad.
Xenith was released from her imprisonment and pardoned of her crimes by Emperor Vulcan. Dubbed Strontian she was recruited into Vulcan's Imperial Guard.
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