Personal Info:
Real Name: Shiro Yoshida
Also Known As: Sunfire
Place Of Birth: Agarashima, Japan
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.2 #183 (2006) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Apocalypse, Death, Plague, War
Group Affiliation: Avengers Unity Division, Clan Yashida; formerly Marauders, Horsemen of Apocalypse, X-Corporation, Big Hero Six, Alpha Flight, Twelve, Death's Champions, Pacific Overlords, Yakiba, X-Men
Base Of Operations: Avengers Mansion
Grudges: X-Men
Creators: Roy Thomas and Don Heck
Solar Flare: Famine's mutant powers enable him to absorb solar and other radiation to generate the process of ionized matter (usually air) through a mentally-triggered unknown biochemical process so that it is converted to plasma, the superheated state of
Solar Hunger: Famine has ability to manipulate the light patterns he generates to stimulate the optic nerve and make the brain believe the body is starving.
Shiro's mother died out of radiation poisoning when he was still a young child. Shiro was raised by his uncle Tomo to hate the West and seek for a return to Japan's imperial days. After years of training, Sunfire, wearing a costume that looked like a rising sun, attacked America when the X-Men intervened. The battle ended with Sunfire killing his uncle and returning to Japan.
When most of the original X-Men were captured by Krakoa, Sunfire was one of the mutants recruited by Prof. Charles Xavier to aid him. Sunfire agreed only because he felt honour bound.
For years Shiro acted as a hero until Lady Deathstrike severed his legs from his body. Whilst recovering in hospital, Shiro decided he wished to die with honour, until the newly resurrected Apocalypse gave him an enticing offer. Join his Horsemen as Famine, and in return get his full strength and powers back as well as functioning non-mechanical legs. Shiro agreed.
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