Sasha Kravinoff
Sasha Kravinoff
Personal Info:
Real Name: Aleksandra Kravinoff
Also Known As: Aleksandra Nikolaevich, Angel
Place Of Birth: Russia
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #567 (2008) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Kraven The Hunter, Ana Kravinoff
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Russia
Grudges: Spider-Man
Creators: Marc Guggenheim and Phil Jimenez
Sasha Kravinoff has a limited knowledge of the occult, she is also a skilled hunter and strategist.
Longevity: Sasha Kravinoff has lived for a long period of time via mystical jungle potions.
Aleksandra "Sasha" Kravinoff met her future husband decades ago at the Roskolov Estate outside of Paris, France. As Sergei was spellbinding an audience of blue bloods with his tales of big game hunting from around the world, Sasha threw a drink in his face, pretending to be disgusted by the tales of slaughter. She then fled from the angry Kraven, only to be tracked down in quick time. Sergei calmly explained to her that the wilderness was far better than anything that civilization had to offer.
Sasha spent the night with Sergei, transfixed by this strange man. She left early, reporting back to her father that Sergei was quite attracted to her. He was proud of his daughter, glad that she had managed to attach herself to one of the last wealthy 'white' Russians. Sasha pushed her wheelchair bound father into an open elevator shaft, she soon married Sergei.
Sergei committed suicide after years of defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, Sasha blamed Spider-Man and set a plan in motion to avenge his death.
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