Sultan Magus
Sultan Magus
Personal Info:
Real Name: Dagan Shah
Also Known As: Magus of War, Arabian Knight
Place Of Birth: Qatar
First Appearance: Hulk Vol.2 #42 (2011) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Qatar separatist forces
Base Of Operations: Sharzhad
Grudges: Red Hulk and the Thunderbolts
Creators: Jeff Parker and Patrick Zircher
Gallery: Click
As Sultan Magus, Dagan Shah has displayed ill-defined and generally varied powers from super strength to optic blasts to changing his form to a giant rock creature. His powers are limited to a defined radius, mostly coinciding with the region of Sharzhad, the further he is away from it the less powerful he is. He has noted he has been working on extending his range and recently was seen displaying great power in Egypt. His powers come from a sub-space pocket in the Earth wherein crystal formations channel the energy that walls off the land and powers Sultan Magus.
Dagan Shah was a terrorist leader, who was captured by Qatari soldiers, but quickly escaped after releasing a grenade he'd held in his mouth. Stumbling through the desert, he collapsed, only to be engulfed in a white light. Discovering a lost Rigellian seeding pod, he used his powers to transform himself into the Sultan Magus, and three scientists into his servants, then began creating and selling extremely powerful weapons to local terrorist groups.
Created in such a way that made reverse engineering lethal to those who tried, Shah created a lucrative arms business for himself, taking in money and food, which he used to fund a separation of an area along the borders of Libya and Egypt he then dubbed Sharzhad.
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