Bug-Eyed Voice
Bug-Eyed Voice
Personal Info:
Real Name: Arthur Bigelow
Also Known As: Bug, Bugs, The Voice
Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California
First Appearance: Speedball Vol.1 #6 (1989) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Sticker, Ghost of Springdale High, Bonehead, Leaper Logan, the Basher, Two-Legged Rat, The Harlequin Hit Man
Group Affiliation: Speedball Revenge Squad
Base Of Operations: Springdale, Connecticut
Grudges: Speedball
Creators: Roger Stern and Steve Ditko
Bug-Eyed Voice is a talented thief and a passable marksman.
Helmet: Bug-Eyed Voice wears a helmet that distorts his voice and enhances his peripheral vision.
Guns: Bug-Eyed Voice carries two hand guns.
Operating out of the town of Springdale, Insurance investigator, Arthur Bigelow used his knowledge of locally insured valuables to carry out a series of daring robberies. Known as the Bug-Eyed Voice, Bigelow concealed his true identity and unnerved his victims by wearing a bizarre bug-eyed mask that distorted his voice.
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