Lotus Newmark
Lotus Newmark
Personal Info:
Real Name: Lotus Newmark
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California
First Appearance: Avengers Spotlight Vol.1 #30 (1990) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Tolliver
Group Affiliation: Leader of her own crime gang
Base Of Operations: Los Angeles, California
Grudges: Hawkeye, Wonder Man and Night Thrasher
Creators: Steve Gerber and Al Milgrom
Lotus Newmark is a skilled business woman and a highly trained martial artist.
Hypnotism: Lotus Newmark is able to hypnotise victims, via direct eye contact.
By her own accounts, when Lotus was six her father, Jerome, moved their family from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, working as an importer. When a runaway taxi cab killed his wife while he rescued his daughter, Jerome blamed Lotus for his loss and descended into Alcoholism and gambling. Local crime lord Li Fong, allegedly responsible for the taxi collision, told Jerome he could pay his large debts with his daughter, or with two of his fingers. Jerome surrendered Lotus to Fong, who trained her in academics and martial arts, as she aged, Fong demanded her sexual favours in return. Coping by learning to separate her mind from her body, Lotus claimed her payment was fair, though her stories vary between affection and abuse. Offered a parting gift by Fong at age 21, she acquired her fatherís address and killed him. She then began a campaign to take over Californiaís illegal drug trade.
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