Personal Info:
Real Name: Sean Cassidy
Also Known As: Death
Place Of Birth: Cassidy Keep, County Mayo, Ireland
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.1 #28 (1967) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Apocalypse Twins, Daken, Grim Reaper, Sentry
Group Affiliation: Horsemen of Death; formerly X-Corps, Generation X, NYPD, Muir Island X-Men, X-Men, Factor Three, Interpol
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Uncanny Avengers
Creators: Roy Thomas and Werner Roth
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Audiokinesis: Banshee creates powerful sonic waves with his voice with which he can achieve various effects, often with the assistance of psionic abilities which function only in unison with his sonic power. He can generate a a sonic scream, fly, project sonar, create sonic shields, induce vertigo, influence subconsciously and has an immunity to sonic attacks.
Sean Cassidy was a young rich mutant with undiscovered powers. His parents died, leaving him and his cousin Black Tom Cassidy with a huge fortune and the castle they had grown up in, called Cassidy Keep, although as Sean was the rightful heir, he gained all of it. The castle was a strange place, where leprechauns lived under the protection of the Cassidy Family. Both Sean and Black Tom were mutants; Sean's power was a sonic scream. Eventually Sean was recruited by Professor X, to be a member of his X-men. Banshee served as a distinguished member of the team until he was murdered by Cyclop’s brother Vulcan.
Banshee was brought back to life by the Apocalypse Twins, using both the Life Seed and Death Seed, in order to serve, alongside Banshee, Grim Reaper and Sentry, as one of their Horsemen of Death.
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