Personal Info:
Real Name: Belathauzer
Also Known As: Balthazar, Lord Of Demons
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Defenders Vol.1 #59 (1978) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Vera Gemini
Group Affiliation: Cult of the Harvester of Eyes
Base Of Operations: Extradimensonal realm
Grudges: The Defenders
Creators: David Anthony Kraft and Ed Hannigan
Belathauzer is a demon of great, reputed power, although the majority of his abilities are unseen. He can possess and control the form of a human host. He led a race of demon minions of varying abilities. He could most likely spew flame from his mouth and hands.
Though sometimes identified as an Elder God due to his ancient nature, Belathauzer is of extra-dimensonal origin, ruler of an unidentified demon horde. At some point in Earthís distant past, Belathauzer demon hordes ruled the planet for a time, one of many such races to do so before the rise of humanity, but were eventually trapped in another dimension.
In modern times, half-human half-demon Vera Gemini revived the Cult of the Harvester of Eyes, which originally existed as a sect devoted too killing the followers of the mystic principality Agamotto, who had established Earthís Sorcerer Supreme line. The cultís mission under Vera was the enactment of Xenogenesis the rebirth of Belathauzerís race on Earth. Stealing the current Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Stephen Strangeís mystical Eye of Agamotto, Veraís followers convened in Mexico, where they used the artefact to summon Belathauzer to the Earthly plane.
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