Personal Info:
Real Name: Eimin Worthington
Also Known As: The Eternal Sleep
Place Of Birth: Akkaba City, North Pole
First Appearance: Uncanny Avengers Vol.1 #5 (2013) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Uriel, Kang
Group Affiliation: Apocalypse Twins
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Uncanny Avengers
Creators: Rick Remender and Olivier Coipel
Eimin is a skilled hand to hand fighter and a talented pianist and organist.
Enhanced Abilities: Eimin has super human endurance and durability.
Wings: Eimin has two sets of back mounted leathery bat like wings, which grant her flight. She can also use them as bladed weapons.
Acid Generation: Eimin can generate and emit globs of acid from her wings.
Chronokinetic Augmentation: Through unknown means, Eimin's acid has been augmented with chronokinetic properties. Those affected can be frozen in time, trapped in eternal pain.
Time-Space Synesthesia: Eimin is able to transform music into visions of the future.
Eimin and Uriel were born from the union of the Final Horseman Ichisumi and Archangel. The twins were conceived after Archangel's ascension to become the new Apocalypse and the leader of the Clan Akkaba.
The much anticipated twins were born in the Akkaba City under the North Pole. Although the pair was highly guarded by the Clan Akkaba and the Horsemen, the twins were soon abducted by Kang the Conqueror. Kang took the pair into Timestream with plans to use them for his own purposes.
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