Dog Logan
Dog Logan
Personal Info:
Real Name: Logan (first name unknown)
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Canada
First Appearance: Origin Vol.1 #1 (2001) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Kade Killgore, Mystique, Sabretooth, Silver Samurai, Infestation, Mudbug, Snot, Tin Man
Group Affiliation: Hellfire Academy
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Wolverine and the X-Men
Creators: Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas, Andy Kubert and Joe Quesada
Dog is an experienced hunter, tracker and fighter, having tracked numerous animals in frontier Canada.
Time Travel: After discovering a mine full of Time Diamonds, Dog gained access to technology from all time periods by using the Time Diamonds to traverse the time stream and summon others from other time periods.
Weapons: By accessing future periods Dog has gained access to futuristic weapons. Some of the weapons that he carries includes: a small energy blaster, a larger, double-barrelled energy blaster, an adamantium mace-like weapon that can project energy with surgical accuracy and an energy-charged whip.
In the 1800s, almost immediately after the birth of the boy who would be named Dog, the child's mother deserted him, leaving Thomas Logan to take the boy in, allowing the boy to eat any food scraps that Thomas himself did not eat. Often leaving the boy behind wherever he went, Thomas eventually named the boy Dog after many nights of wondering where the “little mongrel” had been after being left behind by Thomas. After Dog had found his way back home following his being left behind again, Dog asked Thomas if there was any food. Angry that Dog always seemed to be wanting something, such as his own bed or the chance to go to school, Thomas accused Dog of thinking he was better than Thomas. Having seen that look in Thomas’ eyes before, Dog attempted to smooth things over by offering to retrieve another beer for Thomas, but the angry Thomas removed his belt and prepared to beat Dog.
(Dog's father, Thomas, was a gardener at the Howlett estate in Alberta, Canada in the late 1800s. His father drank a lot and beat him often. His father also told him never to mix with rich folk like the people he worked for, and beat him as punishment when he did mix with them.
While Thomas worked for the Howletts, Dog would spend his days swimming in the river, looking for wolf tracks and eating wild crab apples. He also befriended the young Howlett boy, James. The two would often spend time together, with James asking Dog’s help in identifying wild birds the two would see. Their time together would sometimes be cut short by the Howletts’ servant Martha, who worried over the frail James. During one such instance in which James had spotted a bird he thought was an eagle, Martha ordered James back into the house for fear of him catching cold, then warned Dog to stick to his own kind. Despite James’ privileged lifestyle, Dog often felt sorry for James for being so frail and sickly, thinking that James was sure to live a short, sad life without adventure. After that incident, Dog snuck into James’ room and explained to James that the bird they had seen was a hawk.
(Dog developed a small crush on Rose, who was the companion to James Howlett (a young boy who would grow up to be Wolverine). He, James, and Rose became best friends very quickly and had a lot of fun together. At one point, James fell into a river, and Dog rescued him. Upon learning that his boy was playing with James at all, Thomas beat up Dog, and then gave him some booze to drink. After that, Dog didn't play with Rose and James anymore, and came to resent them for being so rich while he was poor, just like his father taught him to. One Christmas however, Dog peeked through the window of the Howlett estate, and upon being seen, John Howlett gave him a toy train as a present. When Dog showed his father, his father beat him mercilessly.
As the years passed, Dog continued to see less and less of Rose and James, often watching the Howlett home and thinking about how small it seemed compared the life Dog intended to live. Thinking about his future seemed to bring Dog happiness despite the continued beatings he suffered at the hands of his father Thomas.
A while later, as a teenager, Dog sexually assaulted Rose, and when James told his father of Dog's actions, Dog took vengeance upon James by killing his pet dog right in front of his eyes. At that, Dog's father was fired, and he decided to take money from the Howlett estate, as well as John Howlett's wife, and leave. Dog accompanied him and they went to the estate, but were found by John Howlett, whom Thomas then killed. James freaked out upon seeing his father killed, and manifested his powers for the first time, drawing his claws and killing Thomas, and slashing Dog across the face, leaving scars.
At some point having learned that James was the product of a fling between his father Thomas and James’ mother Elizabeth and having just witnessed James’ murder of Thomas, the injured Dog realized that James was not nearly as frail and sickly as he had thought. Knowing that James was really a Logan, Dog became jealous that James had grown up pampered and soft unlike a true Logan like himself. Dog began to think that someday, he would have to teach James what being a Logan really meant.
After James and Rose fled, Dog was captured and told the authorities that Rose had committed the murder.
On his own following Thomas’ death at James’ hands, Dog took to thievery to eek out a living, biting people and stealing their wallets. Living in the Alberta forests with a pack of wolves, Dog used his stolen money to purchase food for himself and the wolves, only to find that the wolves would devour the food almost instantly, once more leaving nothing for Dog and making Dog realise that he didn’t fit in anywhere.
Returning to the old Logan shack, Dog sat in a corner of the shack, weakly proclaiming to himself that he was the greatest Logan who had ever lived and that he was not a dog.
Years later, as a young man, James' grandfather asked Dog to find James for him. Dog set out to find James, with the intention of killing him. He tracked James to a quarry in British Columbia, Canada. A man named Cookie was set to fight James, and Dog slipped Cookie some brass knuckles to use in his fight against him. Cookie was defeated anyway, and afterward, Dog himself confronted James. He started to beat up James, who was already tired from fighting Cookie, and other guys before him. Eventually, when Dog kept bringing up killing James' father, James went ape and knocked Dog unconscious. Before he could kill him however, Rose ran in James' way, and was accidentally impaled on his claws.
As he continued to age, Dog took to hunting game to sell their pelts, using the money he earned mostly to numb himself with alcohol. One night, Dog overheard a man named Boon telling his friend Amus about a “wolfman” he had seen in the woods. Realizing that the men were referring to James Howlett, Dog threatened Boon into showing him where he had seen the “wolfman.” Fighting off Boon’s friends in the bar, Dog began tracking James all across Canada, even killing half of the wolfpack that James lived with at a quarry along the northern Canadian frontier. Cornering James outside an abandoned mine along the Yukon River, Dog mistakenly thought James to be inside the mine, unaware he was being watched from afar by James himself. Demanding that James show himself and feeling further and further from the life he had always envisioned for himself, Dog fell into the mine, soon learning the mine was filled with Time Diamonds, small minerals that could allow the user to travel through time. Upon touching one of the Time Diamonds, Dog found himself in a large modern day city.
Soon learning that the Time Diamond seemed to have some sort of sentience, Dog learned that he could travel through time by thinking about certain things he wanted and allowing the Time Diamond to take him to it. Dog also learned that sometimes, the Time Diamond would take him to what he needed rather than wanted.
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